Dear Joey, Ben has fan mail from TeriLyn….

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Dear Ms. Hill,

My intentions writing you serve as a way to express my complete and utter devotion to one, Mr. Ben O’Callahan – the fictional Master above all other Masters.  Did you know Ben reigns supreme for so many of us as the master of our Dom book world?  Or that he’s the star of many a … ahem, daydreams?  I’m just a lowly reader in awe of the world and characters you’ve created in Hostile Takeover thinking it’s imperative you know the impact of Ben O’Callahan.

I first read this book (yes I say first because I’ve read it four times since) near the end of October last year.  Without going into too much detail, I wanted a powerful erotica story to get me out of a life funk. I needed to get my mind off of being sad over the loss of my mother and good books always provide the best escapes.  Someone special to me, a very good friend, told me the book I needed was HT.  She was not wrong.  Setting aside the hot BDSM and love story of this book, focusing on the emotional depth and vulnerability throughout their story – I was in awe. Especially near the end when Ben & Marcie are on the dock purging themselves to each other, being so open and raw with each other about pain and loss, struck me in the most profound way.  It’s a feeling I won’t ever forget during a time of the year that’s always unforgiving.  So thank you for that.

So with that said, my ode to Ben O’Callahan if you will…

“The best advice I can give you is to start every day with chocolate cake. That way, no matter what else happens, the day started with something perfect.”

I mean what guy says this? Chocolate cake, any kind of chocolate treat really, is the key to a woman’s heart, no? So imagine the delight I feel when this ruthless alpha male I’m falling in lust with gives such sound advice. The fact he drops those defenses and romanticizes himself in this way feels like an electric current racing across my flesh.  Right off the bat: Panty. Melter.

“Something broke inside him. No, not broke. That was entirely the wrong word. He found his footing…”

What is it about a bad boy that makes you want him to be bad only with you?  The fantasy of him always leaves you breathless.  Being in his space knowing the wicked pleasure he’s capable of leaves you oblivious to everything around you but him. He makes you innately trust him with everything you have to give just so he’ll trust you back.  Even if it took an infinite amount of begging it would be worth it to gain his loyalty. The heady combination between broken man and alpha master swirling around Ben is lethal.  Ben’s insecurities and vulnerabilities endear him to your heart, body, and soul with hope being the one to comfort him, to make him whole.  Because for someone so hard in life, Ben’s soft side is nothing short of alluring.  He’s also brilliant, witty, and outright funny.   You want to be the woman in his life just to invoke the many different facets of his passion.  Lust turns to love.

“He’s a cranky young god. Thor has his magic hammer, Ben has his hundred-horsepower cock.”

The attitude, the sexual deviance, the unbridled passion, the seriousness of his endeavor to live a D/s lifestyle intoxicates.  He’s irresistible.  He’s raw and real and oh-so-unforgiving when it comes to needs being fulfilled sexually.  His dominant side screams to the dormant submissive in any female.  If you’re not submissive by nature, Ben makes you want to be that way.  The fantasies provoked by his very aura are unrivaled.

“It was Beauty and the Beast, when all was said and done. Because in the end, the Beast was willing to do anything to deserve her love.”

He’s ultimate fantasy: dominant in bed yet quietly subservient in love – willing to put his life on the line if it means being with, saving, keeping the one he loves.  He’s a head rush, a jolt of electricity, a shot of life – a friend, a protector, a lover.

Ben O’Callahan captivated me, consumed me, and ripped out my heart. Then like the precise Master he is – sewed the delicate pieces of said broken heart back together.

Thank you for creating him.  Thank you for sharing him.  Thank you for making it easy to fall in love with him.  It’s a story that will always be treasured.

Forever a fan,








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5 comments on “Dear Joey, Ben has fan mail from TeriLyn….”

  1. Deanna Pink Lady Reply

    Wow……I’m speechless at your letter. I don’t think perfect is strong enough-

  2. Bernice Cook Reply

    Omg!!! TeriLyn you have captured the essence of Ben perfectly & why we so very much love him & his story I mean Joey’s story!!
    Great letter, sob!!

  3. Jxxx PinkLady Reply

    Ahhh, TeriLyn. You have made me tear up again, the begining part of your journey to Ben is so moving and I want to say how sorry I am for your loss.
    A beautiful letter staright from your heart, perfect words, as always

  4. Joey W Hill Reply

    “He’s ultimate fantasy: dominant in bed yet quietly subservient in love.” TeriLyn, I read that and thought, “damn, wish I’d written that!!” Your whole letter is so lyrical and beautiful, so strongly written, my hat is off to you. And having gone through the loss of my mother in 2011, I can’t tell you what it means to me, that my book helped you with what I know is an incredibly difficult experience. Comments like that I always remember and treasure.

    Actually, on that note, I’ve been trying to figure out how to put all these letters, pictures and video under the webpage for Hostile Takeover where I usually put snippets of quotes (laughter). Think I’ll just link and say “Okay, if you’re not sure about reading Hostile Takeover, go read these!”

    Oh and side note to Bernice: You had it right – it’s Ben’s story – he just let me tell it (grin).

    Thank you!!!

  5. Irene Reply

    TL, I know you already know that your letter brought me to tears and to say I love your review of HT would be an understatement! I am so happy that you share my love for all things Ben and Marcie and can’t wait to BR more of Joey with you in the future. xo

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