Dear Joey, Ben has fan mail from Rose….

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Dear Joey:


First let me thank you for writing such amazing books, you are a gifted person that can take our minds to such great places and “meet” great people.


I have read great books, with great characters in them, but are few of them that stay in my heart and in my mind, on top of this list is an Irish Knight, THE Ben O’Callaghan.


What can I say about him he´s Irish, sexy, great accent, green eyed, hot, dominant, gentleman, honest, a sadist, has a great car, sometimes dangerous, demanding, charming, loyal to his friends, of course the Alpha of the Alpha men.


I found characters with all of that in many books, but there is something deeper about him that stayed with me.


Ben was broken, with a lot of emotional baggage; he was deeply hurt while growing up, he did not believe in love and that made him do the things he did to all the women he was with before Marcie came back into his life.

I enjoyed the letters and the messages going on between them while Marcie was away, even at that time, Ben was in love with her but he didn’t realized it.


There were times reading the book that I didn’t like him, and I thought about if I was in Marcie’s place if would I pursue him? Then I thought about LOVE and I thought that when you love someone the same way they both did, even if he didn’t believe it but she knew it, then you have to do whatever to follow your heart.


Ben is a master in the bedroom, there are some scenes in the book that I fantasize about, some are too hardcore for me, but when he “makes love” with Marcie face to face looking at each other’s eyes is one of the most erotic moments of the book.


Ben is definitely one of my favorites Book Boyfriends, sometimes I think about how it would be to be his sub for just one day 😉


Some of my favorite quotes:


 “If my Master is lost, I’ll find him. I’ll lead him back to himself, because to serve doesn’t always mean to follow.” 

”I want you to go down on my companion here, under the tablecloth. If she comes within three minutes, there’s a hundred-dollar tip in it for you.” 

“First off, you have never, will never, let me down. All you have to be is yourself.”

“Your heart is closed. But it´s okay, I’m here.”

“I’m crazy fucking in love with you, Marcella Moira. God help you.”

“I love you, Master. Love you…always…forever.”

“You’re going to have to help me learn how to love you.”

“To me, loving someone is living.”






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7 comments on “Dear Joey, Ben has fan mail from Rose….”

  1. Deanna Pink Lady Reply

    Loved your letter Rose. I so agree about Love and following your heart!! Loved your quotes as well!!!

  2. Bernice Cook Reply

    Rose I agree with you. When Ben makes love to Marcie face to face I was so moved & it was emotionally erotic!!
    Well said & great letter.

  3. Jxxx PinkLady Reply

    Beautiful letter, Rose. I love it. And the quotes, I remember them all and especially love the last one <3

  4. Joey W Hill Reply

    Rose, you all delight and amaze me with the many ways you discuss this story. As an author, I love it when you pick up on truly pivotal moments, like that making love scene. It was SO significant, because of what it said about Ben and intimacy, and how he was letting Marcie into his heart. You thanked me for the story – I thank YOU and all the other ladies for the inspiration and warmth you give me by dedicating this much time and interest to one of my characters. It’s food for an author’s soul – thank you!

    • Rose Reply

      Dear Joey,
      I’m so glad you liked my letter , I appreciate that you are taking the time to comment on my letter , Thanks you are an awesome writer an a beautiful person

  5. Irene Reply

    Rose, this was brilliant ! I loved reading everyone’s ‘fan mail’ to see all different ways we love Ben ‘Master Extraordinaire’ O’Callahan. Looking forward to more of these fun discussions in the future! xo

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