Dear Joey, Ben has fan mail from Berniceโ€ฆ.


Dear Joey,

You know sometimes a fictional character in a book just gets under your skin. You just can’t stop thinking about the story, them, their virtual presence!!

Well, that’s what it’s like for me reading Hostile Takeover. Ben & Marcie are the perfect coupling. I just love them to bits!! Marcie is tenacious and fearless in her pursuit of what she wants. An she wants Ben… Hell I want Ben!!

Ben’s letters & emails to Marcie shows how much he cares for her, how his feelings grow from friendship to love. How he can have a gentle protective nature even if he doesn’t want to acknowledge it. I freaking loved those bits!!

True, Ben has a sadistic nature but you can’t help falling in love with him, because he’s just pretty damn hot…. His control, his discipline, his passion, his filthy talk, his naughty ways and omg! his masterful talents and stamina!!! Phew, that man had some stamina…. 3, really..3 happily sated subs in one session. The man is a legend!!!

Oh, and he cooks!!! I’m in lust with Ben O’Callahan *sigh*

Well, I’m kinda stuck in your โ€œBen and Marcie” world. Now that Ben and Marcie have got it together and he is her master (damn lucky girl) I would love to know more of their story. Please can you give us a Ben & Marcie “After the Boardroom” volume… But we do want to know what happens with the K&A masters in the boardroom right… So please include that shit!!!!

I really want to know what delicious things Ben does when Marcie challenges him!! Oh I’d love to know how Marcie wore him down and got that marriage proposal. That would be priceless!!

I simply adore your stories and I love Ben to bits!! Thank you for sharing Ben with us.

Totally fangirling you here!! :)

Always yours,

Bernice (@BerniceCook13)



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15 comments on “Dear Joey, Ben has fan mail from Bernice….”

  1. Deanna Pink Lady Reply

    Fabulous letter Bernice and I especially love that you asked for an “After the Boardroom”- Hey Joey, I second that ask!! (I want to know all about that marriage proposal as well)

  2. Jxxx PinkLady Reply

    I love your review, Bernice and beautiful pictures.
    An after the board room would be great! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Bernice Reply

      thanks Jxxx, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Joey picks up on that plea!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Bernice Reply

      Thanks, I Freaking swoon Ben eveytime I hear an Irish accent TeriLyn, lol ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. Suze/Suellen/lilypad53 Reply

    I REALLY have to make time to read this series! Guess I’ll be starting with Hostile Takeover! Ben sounds too enticing to wait for!

  4. Joey W Hill Reply

    Bernice, what a fabulous close to an amazing day of posts. I’m sure I’m repeating myself, but I feel like a kid who’s been given one of the best Christmas gifts EVER and can’t stop babbling thank you thank you to her parents (grin). You all have given me such a charge – it will carry me all the way TO Christmas. And don’t worry – you know I’ll revisit these two, for sure, not only in books but in future vignettes. I think I have about 5-6 vignette ideas alone involving the Knights. I hope to be working on Leland and Celeste later this year (fingers crossed I’ll finish by December – summer is getting far crazier than I expected) and the KOBR team make a big appearance in that for Ben and Marcie’s wedding.

    I actually think I could spend most of my retirement years doing volumes of vignettes on all my series characters, but particularly these. They’re always a delight to visit, and I love the dynamic between Ben and Marcie. As you pointed out, she is so tenacious and strong in all the right ways with him.

    Thank you for your wonderful letter and to Literary Gossip for this wonderful day – and to all of you who did posts and commented! I just want to hug you all for an uncomfortably long time – restraining order long (laughter).

  5. Bernice Cook Reply

    Ok… I’m just gonna say Joey you rock!!!
    Thanks for your kind and most gracious reply ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m doing a little happy dance right now at the thought of more vignettes of the K&A men.. Squee!!
    I truly adore your stories, thank you <3

    • Joey W Hill Reply

      Bernice the feeling is mutual! And you know those men won’t stay away from my muse for long. I think they actually send her flowers, chocolates, and use all sorts of enticements to get me to write vignettes and more stories about them. Not sure any woman could resist all five of them, and my muse is definitely female! Thank you so much for the compliment – I adore all of you!

  6. Bernice Cook Reply

    Oh Joey, your muse is one lucky lady!! Those 5 K&A men would make any woman swoon & fall to her knees!!
    Think I need to go and revisit them now ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I kinda consider us as K&A shareholders… Need to keep check on what goes down in the boardroom!!!

    Always yours

  7. Irene Reply

    I know I am late for the party but I just wanted to say that I love your letter and I love doing this ‘fan mail’ segment with you all! Can’t wait to read/discuss more of Joey’s goodness with you ladies! xoxo

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