Dear Joey, Ben has fan mail from Nina… Plus Giveaway!


Dear Joey,

You are no stranger to my love of your green eyed Irishman Ben O’Callahan. I have professed it to you through not only my words on a page but in person when we met in Atlanta. Did you know when you wrote him he would have such an impact on so many women? Cause let me be there first to tell you he has! 

Now I know our Irish sadist isn’t for everyone, and quite frankly that is OK with me because I already have enough women to fight over him with….but for those of us who love him, we all love him equally and yet in such different ways. For me it was through his correspondence with Marcie at the beginning of each chapter that I fell for him. The fact he was broken but yet so confident was just even more of a draw and of course the deciding factor that Ben is the true book boyfriend is that Ben is the Ass man of the KA team :)

There is a group of us girls on twitter and we all came to be friends through our love of Ben. We even have a little private chat group called Ben Addicts! We wanted to do something special for you to show you how much we love Ben, how much we love Marcie and how much your writing has effected us. So I hope that you enjoy Ben’s fan mail today….the girls will tell you through words and graphics and visual media how much they love him.

I know that I will never be done talking and writing about Ben O’Callahan. Not only is he my top BBF, he also brought me together with this amazing group of women I now call friends. Thank you Joey…you have given me such a gift within the pages of HT!

Much Love,





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18 comments on “Dear Joey, Ben has fan mail from Nina… Plus Giveaway!”

  1. Joey W Hill Reply

    Nina, I’m humbled and incredibly flattered. And if Ben wasn’t so full of himself, he’d be humbled by your adoration too (grin). Actually, Marcie said he was quite flattered and maybe even a little bit amazed to find himself the center of so much attention. Though, being Ben, he’s rallying quickly (laughter). Thank you SO much for this. I’ll enjoy all the comments, but even more I just appreciate all you ladies do to spread love of Ben O’Callahan and his story. And of course I love following the tweets of the Twitter group. You all have had me laughing more than once! Thank you!

  2. Lee Roth Reply

    Thanks for the blog on how wonderful Ben is! And Joey, I got into trouble on Tweet this morning, I can’t post today, but I will share this tomorrow! LOL P.S. I love Ben!

  3. SaintMaria Reply

    My, Master Ben!! MINE!! MINE!! MINE!! Nina, you are a dear and I adore U!! Ben Addicts?!! I should really be in on this one shouldn’t I? Since Master Ben is MINE!!

  4. SaintMaria Reply

    And I have a copy of HT already signed by Joey and by Master Ben HIMSELF!!! Of course he told me to be bad and get myself punished good. Yeah, I figured!

  5. Rose Reply

    I love this Ben’s day He is the Master of Master’s so he BELONGS to anyone who loves him, he is one if the most SHARED book boyfriend !!

  6. Deanna Pink Lady Reply

    I love that Joey has brought us all together- love Ben day but it’s Ben day everyday for me!!!

  7. Jess Reply

    I love these love letters!! I know from Ms. Joey’s site that there are others who share my love and devotion for Ben. It’s beautiful to see it! Thank you for sharing!! I’m just a lurker but can anyone join your secret chat club of Ben addicts?

  8. Mandy Reply

    Honestly, when I opened the pages of HT and began to read about Ben and Marcie, I never had a clue that it would become a very dear book to me or that Ben would speak to my soul as much — if not more so — than any male character I had ever read. Since receiving this book from Joey herself at the end of February, it has been my go-to re-read. I’ve read it at least six times and always find something new to touch my mind and heart. Thank you for introducing him into my life.

  9. Wendy Reply

    Love this so much! I have to admit (hangs head) that I haven’t read any of the Knights of the Board Room series, but I do have it on my list to read as I am a HUGE fan of Joey’s vampire series. Now I am dying to read this one especially after reading your profession of love for this man. 🙂

    • Kezia Reply

      Wendy, you really should start at the beginning, with Matt & Savannah’s story, Board Resolution. With Ben, it’s best to start slowly & build up until you’re ready for him.

  10. Jxxx PinkLady Reply

    Ahh, Nina I love your letter, I love Ben and I love being part of this. You rock! <3

  11. Bernice Cook Reply

    I love how we are all sharing our love of Ben O’Callahan. It’s a testament to Joey’s talent!! She has created a broken but beautiful story and characters!!

  12. Irene Reply

    Dear Nina, you’ve got fan mail from Irene …
    I love that Ben brought us together and our fun little chats about him grew into a wonderful friendship and that deal was sealed for real when we met in person earlier this year!
    I LOVED doing this project with you and looking to many more of those in the future!
    Cheers, my Southern Peach!

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