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The Grayson siblings are at it again—guilty of keeping secrets from each other when it comes to who they fall in love with. This time little brother’s best friend is the object of Riley’s affection and their intimate connection is impossible to resist.

Riley Grayson—snarky, successful, lonely. She’s looking for Mr. Right, especially now that her younger, reformed man-whore of a brother is living out his happily ever after with her best friend. If Marcus can find true love, why the hell can’t she?

Enter Beck Matthews, Marcus’s childhood best friend. He’s lovable, sexy, and oh, yeah—not single. But one night of drunken partying and wild sex with Riley and Beck may be rethinking his future. Has he been planning it with the wrong girl?

Although these two can’t stay away from each other, it seems the ghosts of their pasts are holding them back from what they really want. Can Riley and Beck overcome the threat of shocking coincidences and unexpected events that will test their trust in one another?

Find out if Beck’s love is strong enough to Keep Her.







After a shot to calm my nerves and a trip to the ladies room, Beck convinced me that it was indeed time to call it a night. When we finally ambled outside to hail a cab, the fresh air just made my drunkenness more prominent. Feeling giddy and reckless for a change, suddenly I couldn’t stop thinking of making up my own lyrics to Cabaret (one of Justin’s not so well known tunes) and belting them out. “Cabaret . . . ohhhh! Even though I’m three sheets to the wind, I ain’t hooking up with your hot ass.” Oops. Did I just say that out loud?

“What the fuck are you singing?” He looked at me like I was growing a second head, but then laughed as he steadied me on my wobbly feet.

“Duh! It’s JT . . . my man. It always leads back to JT, Beckster. Don’t you know that?”

“Don’t you know how much I hate it when you call me Beckster?”

“Do you really? I thought you liked my nicknames for you.”

“Why? Are there more than one?”

“Of course there are, silly boy. You’re the Italian Stallion, the boy with the dragon tattoo, and the one that makes Marcus squirm the most . . . Becks on a Stick. Get it? Like Sex on a Stick?” I snorted and then realized what I’d said. Shit! How many drinks did I have? I was being way too free with my words.

“Wow. Really? I never knew I did it for you, Riles,” he said with the cocky, careless attitude that matched my brother’s.

“Oh, don’t go confusing a silly nickname with me having the hots for you. Yes, you’re adorable in that best friend of my little brother’s sort of way, but you most certainly do not do it for me, Beckster.”
At that, he arched an eyebrow and gave me this smoldering look that caused a dampness between my thighs. Shit . . . what the hell? That was one dangerous weapon he’d been holding out on me.
He inched closer and my breath caught. Within seconds, he was backing me up against the wall and then caging me between his arms. Suddenly my heart was rapping so hard against my chest that I could barely control my breathing. Beck was going to make me break out in hives from the way he was looking at me.

My words came out all choppy. “What are you—why are you—”

“I know how to read women, Riles. I see how large those pretty pupils of yours are right now. Your chest,” he zeroed in on my cleavage, licking his lips slightly, “is rising and falling rapidly as you try to catch your breath. That little ticking underneath that soft skin on your neck tells me your pulse is racing and that delicious, sweet aroma . . . you’re aroused as all hell. So don’t tell me I don’t do it for you, baby. Because I know I most certainly do.


Have you read Keep Me? If you have not, stop here. Buy it. Read it. Worth it.

If you have read it – Come along with me and let’s talk about Faith Andrews’ follow up, Keep Her.

The character of Riley in Keep Me, didn’t feel likeable to me. So focused on that storyline and those characters, she was drawn rather antagonistically. Faith Andrews demonstrates that judging people (even fictional characters) by appearances and initial impressions doesn’t give you the full view of the person. Understanding a person and the road they have traveled helps one form an opinion. I didn’t come away from this book adoring Riley, but I admired and respected her a lot more.

Beck was in sort of the same boat. Though I found myself wanting to smack him upside his fool head more than a few times – Leroy Jethro Gibbs-style. In Beck, Faith Andrews created a guy who needs to take a couple of steps back and think things through. He is a sweet guy, who cares deeply for Riley, but is seeing her and reacting to her through a filter that is colored with more gray than clarity.

That said, I loved Riley and Beck as a couple – it’s totally a case of better when they’re together. Their humor and wit has a less of an edge and the reader feels the affection that they do have for one another and how much fun they have together. So, this couple isn’t perfect, they are both teeming with their own doubts and if those don’t break them, the miscommunications and subterfuge could.

With Keep Her, Faith Andrews has done something pretty incredible, which is write a congruent story that is not at all a rehash of the original work. Though we know most of what is coming, that alt-POV is just as fresh and engaging for the reader. She has also woven a storyline that is sweet and funny, but definitely NOT all rainbows and butterflies.
She makes Beck and Riley work for this relationship and just when it should be a slam dunk, they are put into position where they have to fight a little bit harder for each other. This just makes for a book that keeps the reader gripped and doesn’t let them go until the last page.



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Faith Andrews lives in New York where she is happily married to her high school sweetheart. They have two beautiful daughters and a furry Yorkie son, Rocco. If she isn’t listening to Mumford and Sons or busy being a Dance Mom, her nose is in a book or her laptop. She’s a sucker for a happily ever after and believes her characters are out there living one somewhere . . .

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