Veiled Innocence by Ella Frank ~ Reviewed by Jen

Veiled Innocence


Tick, tick, tock.


That’s all I have now.

A small room, a photograph, and time.

They want me to trust them and confess my sins.

They told me they wouldn’t judge me—they lied.

I thought we could convince the world that this wasn’t a crime.

We were wrong.

Time doesn’t stand still.

The clock keeps ticking, the world is unconvinced, and now…

Now he is gone.






I LOVED this book for so many reasons. The sex was freaking hot. The way it was written, with the past and the present changing as the chapters moved forward, kept me on my toes. The fact that Addison reminded me of Kathryn from Cruel Intentions had me captivated. This is NOT your typical student/teacher relationship. 

I wanted Addy and Grayson to work out. I didn’t want them to get caught. Their relationship didn’t seem wrong to me. Ella did a fantastic job of making me forget that these two were doing something taboo and illegal. Everything about the past in the book felt beautiful even if it was technically wrong. 

But the present scenes… Those left me feeling like WTF has happened?! What went so wrong that we’ve ended up HERE?! And little hints dropped made me wonder if something.. tragic.. had happened. I had theories and thought I had it all figured out. Boy was I wrong. My plot radar was way off and I love it when this happens! I want to be wrong and surprised and I was so happy with the ending. 

Except… I want more. This seems to be a theme for me with Ella Frank books. I always want more.


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