Bonus Scene — Melody Grace’s Uninhibited (The Callahans Book 2)

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The Literary Gossip is thrilled to share a bonus scene from Melody Grace’s Uninhibited. When we last saw them, Alicia and Dex had happily reunited on a Las Vegas stage….Here’s what happens next…….


Sin city. It’s the last place in the world you’d expect to find sensible girl like me — but that was the old
Alicia: the cautious, careful girl who planned every moment and weighed every consequence. 
The new Alicia clutches her boyfriend’s shirt and steals another greedy, breathless kiss.
“I missed you,” Dex growls, pulling me close. He ignores the flash of photographers as he hustles me towards the exit. We’re backstage at a big awards event after his band just played a show-stopping set, but I couldn’t care less about the celebrities flocking around us. All that matters is the man right beside me — the man I crossed the whole country for, just to tell him that I love him.
And he loves me back. He loves me, and I’m still dizzy with the joy of it.
Dex holds my hand tight, protecting me from the crowd as he cuts a path to the back door. People call his name, but he ignores them all, not stopping until we push out of the fire escape into a back alley.
I gasp for breath. This whole night has been a non-stop whirlwind, from the minute I stepped off the plane and raced to make the show, to the heart-stopping moment I locked eyes on Dex on-stage, and knew that I’d made the right decision. 
“I still can’t believe you’re here.” Dex gently pushes me back against the wall and cradles my face in his hands. His dark eyes blaze into mine, searching. “I lay in bed for weeks and pictured seeing your face again. Tell me this isn’t a dream.”
I answer him with a kiss. Dex groans against my mouth, yanking me against him, pinning me back against the wall with his lithe, solid torso. I slide my hands over his shoulders, over the planes of muscle and bone I swear I know by heart. He runs his hands over my body, and his touch is wildfire. Hot fever in my veins, a sweetness I could never have enough.
“Dex? Oh my god! Dex!”
The screams break through our haze of lust. A group of teenage girls has spotted us; they’re closing in fast. Dex curses, pulling away. “Come on,” he takes my hand, and then we’re racing down the street, lights blurring around us, crowds and tourists melting away.
My breath catches. My heart beats in a dizzy rush. Dex flags down a passing cab, and we tumble into the backseat, laughing.
“Where to, man?” the driver eyes us in the rearview mirror. He probably thinks we’re a couple of drunk kids, the way Dex is already pulling me into his lap and dropping kisses along my collarbone.
“I don’t know, baby. Where are you staying?” Dex looks to me.
“I’m not. I mean, I came straight from the airport.”
“So pick a place,” he grins. His hands slide up under my shirt. “Preferably with a lock on the door,” he murmurs, in a sexy whisper only I can hear.
I shiver. God, it’s been too long since I’ve felt his hands on me. His body. His mouth…
“Just drive,” I tell the cab driver, my head spinning.
He shrugs and turns back to the road. 
“No, wait.” I stop. A crazy idea forming in my head. It’s madness, I must be out of my mind, but what
I told Dex earlier is true.
Some things, you can’t plan for. 
Some people, you know before you even meet.
Some loves are forever.
“Take us to a chapel,” I tell him. “We’re getting married.”
Dex’s mouth drops open in shock. “No, we’re not.” He speaks over me.
My heart falls. “You don’t want to?” I whisper, frowning.
“Of course I want to.” Dex lands a searing kiss on my lips. “You’re mine. You’ll always be mine, and I can’t wait for the day when you walk down the aisle and say promise to love me forever.”
“So why wait?” I’m still confused. Dex is the reckless one, not me. So why is he being sensible now, when I’m ready to throw caution to the wind and be crazy for once in my life?
“Because you deserve the world, and I’m going to give it to you.” Dex smiles as he looks at me, such a heartfelt, loving smile that it takes my breath away. “I don’t want some quickie service by some third-rate Elvis in a bad suit. When I marry you, it’s going to be in front of everyone we love. My family, your parents. You’ll have the dress, the flowers, the cake. Everything you could ever want.”
I feel choked up. “All I want is you.” 
He strokes my cheek. “I know that, sweetheart. Which is why we’re going to do this right.”
“But we will do it?” I check.
He chuckles. “Shit. I haven’t even asked, have I?”
“Not officially,” I grin.
“Stop the car!” Dex cries. The driver slams on the brakes and we come to a jerking halt. Dex opens the door and pulls me out. 
“Where are we going?” I laugh, stumbling after him.
“I need to find the right spot…” Dex looks around. We’re still on the Strip, surrounded by glittering neon signs and hotels. He spots something, and grins. “Come on.”
I follow him across the street, ducking through the crowds. I’d follow him anywhere, but I’m not sure where he’s heading until he points upwards. “Let’s take a ride.”
It’s the Eiffel Tower replica, lit up in neon. A beacon of gold shining out over the desert. I laugh. “I’ve always wanted to go to Paris.”
“Then it’s your lucky night.”
There’s a line for the elevator ride, but Dex has a word with the guy on duty, and just like magic, we’re ushered into the car alone. “Perks of being a rock-star, huh?” I tease, “I could get used to this.”
Up on the viewing platform, the city is spread beneath us in a breath-taking grid of neon and gold.
“It’s beautiful,” I sigh.
“Damn straight.”
I turn. Dex is looking straight at me, with a fierce intensity that makes my legs go weak. 
Slowly, he gets down on one knee.
We’ve exchanged words of love and promises, but still, the enormity of the moment makes my heart stop. I clutch the railing, overwhelmed as he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a ring box.
I gasp. “What…? How did you…?”
Dex gives me a bashful smile. “I’ve been carrying it around for weeks now. Trying to work up the nerve to go find you. I wasn’t sure if you ever wanted to see me again.”
I shake my head. Tears sting in the corner of my eyes. “You know, I’ll always want you.”
Dex takes a deep breath. He looks up at me, those sexy lips curling into a quiet smile. “Alicia… I guess, I tried to think of a hundred ways to say this so it would come out just right. But, all I have is the truth.” He takes my hand, cradling it as if it’s the most precious thing in the world.
My heart is racing so hard, I feel like it could burst right out of my chest.
“Since the moment you came crashing into that alleyway, you changed my life.” Dex holds my gaze.
“I was lost, baby. The guilt, the darkness… After everything that happened with Connor, I didn’t see a way out. And then you came… You showed me, I could make it through. I could be a better man. You made me feel something, something real. A love I thought I’d never deserve.”
 “You deserve it!” I can’t help but interrupt. “Dex, you don’t even know. Before you, I was hiding, clinging to the past because it was safe, and easy. But you showed me what it means to love for real. To feel a passion like this. You changed my life too.”
Dex squeezes my hand, then releases it to open the ring box. A perfect diamond glitters back at me, set in a circle of smaller stones. 
“It’s beautiful,” I breathe. The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life.
“Alicia, will you marry me?” His voice rasps with emotion, and suddenly, I’m too overwhelmed to speak.
I nod instead. “Yes!” I manage to blurt. “Of course, Dex. Yes!”
He breaks into a smile that could start a war.  Dex slides the ring on my finger and then rises to his feet, pulling me into a passionate kiss. 
But it’s mine, I realize. This smile, this kiss, this man. He’s going to be mine forever.
We come up for air, dizzy. “But what happens now?” I ask, reeling. “You’re going on tour.”
“Come with me.” Dex grins. “We can stand on the Eiffel Tower for real, see London, Rio, Rome. I’ll show you the world, baby.”
I laugh. It’s crazy. It’s a risk. But he’s holding me tight, and there’s no place else I need to be. As long as I’m with him, it’ll be the adventure of a lifetime.
“Yes,” I tell him. “Always, yes.”





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