Nina’s picks for some dark, captive, non con books you must read!

As you know I love the dark, captive, non con books….I read a lot of them and this year there are been some really awesome ones that I have loved. Below is a list of 10 books that (in no particular order) I think you should read too. Some of them I have reviewed before and for some of them this is the first time I have talked about them. Although they might not have all been 5 star reads for me, they definitely capture the spirit of this post.  I hope you enjoy reading down this list and maybe you will find yourself a new book to read!

Xoxo, Nina

Hero by Leighton Del Mia

Oh this one was a good one. It is the story of Calvin and Cataline. It was the debut novel by Leighton and man she killed it. The story is a rough one but the risk she took with writing Calvin really paid off. The eroticness of this book was off the charts. There is a scene in the dining room that still ranks as one of the best sex scenes I’ve read.

Irrevocable by Skye Callahan

Pepper Winters told me to read this book and I am so glad I did. I loved Silver and Kirk’s story. She was strong-willed and a fighter and Kirk you went through loving him and hating him. There are definitely some twists and turns in this book that even made it better for me. The heat in Irrevocable is scorching. Skye gives you a complete buffet of sexual situations and she can most definitely deliver. There is scene when they are on a picnic that is not to be missed. Loved reading this new author!

Slade by Alaska Angelini

For me, Slade isn’t necessarily like all the dark and captive books I have read. First off, Mary was treated more like a Princess than a captive and Slade was the nicest captor I’ve read. There are reasons for that and if you read Slade, you will see them unfold. The plot was really good to me and I liked the way the story started and developed. The sex scenes were very good and descriptive, but be warned there is anal play and some blood play in this story….if you aren’t into that, then don’t pick up this book. This book leans a bit to the action side as well which added a bit to the intrigue of this story. 

Twist Me & Keep Me by Anna Zaires

Oh I am crazy about Julian….I fell in love with him from the moment we met him in the book. Yes, I know he is our captor but still, he ranks up there in men I love. Nora is a tough cookie and watching the relationship develop over 2 books between her and Julian was great. The plot and the action and the twists and turns make this a series everyone must read. Anna Zaires won me over with this tale and I can’t wait for book 3 to come out. Nora is only 18 and a virgin so the sexual tension in this book is spot on. Any lover of captive, non con books will love this series.

You loved me at my Darkest by Evie Harper

This book was one of the more emotional books on my list. I just recently read it, and it has still stuck with me. I adored the story of Lily and Jake….adored being an interesting word when describing a non con book, but still read it and you will understand. There was a lot of action going on in this book and of course the plot twists were great. Evie Harper really capitalized on the relationship of Jake and Lily more than the parts where Lily was an Elite sex slave which I totally loved….it showed a different side of the non con books. It is not as rough as some of the others I have read, but still a story that I totally fell in love with.

The Decimation of Mae by DH Sidebottom

Now this is a dark book in the subject matter that it contains and there is brutality covering these pages yet the way scenes are written, are much more palpable. There are many abusive and non consensual scenes that are fade to black. There are many sexual scenes that are nowhere near fade to black and very explicit. Ms. Sidebottom runs the gamut in this book and it only served to make this book even better for a dark lover like myself. She gave us an ending that not many authors ever take a risk on. It broke me….but it totally paid off. Definitely a must read!

The Erotic Dark & The Erotic Light by Nina Lane

This book series is really the only books that are not true captive books on my list because Lydia signs herself up to be held at the plantation with these 3 men, BUT not everything that happens is consensual and that is why it makes my list. This was not my first Nina Lane read but if I have to tell you one thing about this author, it is that she can write EROTIC scenes. OMG they were smoking and off the charts. Just the act of shaving her girly bits was fan yourself hot. The plot and the way the characters interacted were all really good. Between both books there is struggle and you wonder which way Nina Lane is going to take this story. The ending caught me by surprise but such a good conclusion. Read this series just to experience her writing….so good!

Pepper Winters – Monsters in the Dark series and Debt Inheritance series

Pepper gets a spot all on her own. She has 5 books that are a must read for you dark lovers. If you have never picked up her books, she has a knack for writing some amazing characters and a plots that totally captivate you. In the Monsters in the Dark series, we get Tess and Q and their struggle to find peace with each other. If you like a sadist, you will love Q. I can’t say enough about this series. It is definitely not to be missed.

Her Debt Inheritance series is just as good, but in a totally different way. Nila and Jethro are thrust into this captive relationship with both trying to wrap their heads around how they are supposed to act while fighting off an attraction that is not supposed to occur. This series is just getting started, so jump on this train and ride it out with me until the end. I promise you, Jet will win you over.

Her Master’s Courtesan & Her Master’s Teacher by Lily White

Oh my sweet Lily White can write some fucked up men. Both of these books were amazing and she doesn’t hold back…at all. She takes non con to a new level and most definitely not for the faint at heart. Anyone who reads them needs to go into it knowing this book is dark and brutal. Aiden is a sick fuck of a sadist and you really just have to roll with him through both books. The women are slaves and treated as such and at times in the most brutal of ways.  So if you like ‘graphic descriptions of sexual and physical violence…no fluff…no love…and a kick ass Master and a devoted slave’ then one click them now! You will not regret it….you will love it just the way I did and will be pining away for Lily White’s next mindfuck of a book!

The Missionary by Jack Wilder

Ok so note that this book is written by a man and as I read it I loved getting the perspective of a male writer. This is the story of Wren and Stone and wow I fell in love with it. Wren is a girl going on a mission trip and Wren is a chaperone to this group. There is an underlying tone of Christianity in this story that only adds to the authenticity of these characters. The subject matter is sex trafficking and we get a birds eye view of these woman who are kidnapped. The romance that is weaved into Wren and Stone’s fight to get out of the hell they are trapped in was good, and Mr. Wilder can write some steam. Although I wouldn’t say this is super dark, there is an added element of suspense that really grabs you and holds you captive to this story. I recommend this book for the shear fact it has some great insights into the sex trafficking world. 


Please remember these are just books that I have read this year….there are a ton more that I have read in the past and this list could go on forever….maybe one day I will do a post with those on there, but for now this is my 2014 list. But with any list of captive books, I must go back to the beginning and post my first captive/non con book I read. Most of you have read this too and if you haven’t, I encourage you start with this one first….CJ Roberts The Dark Duet. 



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4 comments on “Nina’s picks for some dark, captive, non con books you must read!”

  1. Hilary Reply

    Have you read Scarlett Edwards Uncovering You series? I would recommend. Also trying to get through Consequences series by Aleatha Romig.

  2. zoe Reply

    Can you make any more suggestions? Absolutley love twist me. I love more where the hero either kidnaps the heroine for protection, kidnaps her or takes her captive. However I do not like dark books about training girls.

  3. zoe Reply

    Can you suggest more? I love boos where a feisty heroine is kidnapped for her own protection or is taken hostage/captive. Huge fan of twist me. However do not like dark books where girls are trained.

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