Nina’s Best Reads of 2014!

Nina's Best of 2014

Although we love talking about our favorite books we have read, it is never an easy task to narrow them down to some arbitrary number. As I looked back at my list of books I have read in 2014, and there were over 200, narrowing that list down to my favorites was no easy feat. There were so many great books that were released this year and some released in the past that I just got around to reading this year…new authors making their mark and some of my favorite authors showing me why they continue to stay at the top of my list. But reading a book is very personal. What I find I like or love might be another person’s DNF or 2 star, but it is also what makes reading so unique to each individual. The following books or series are what struck a chord with me in some way this year. They brought out an emotion in me whether it be love, hate, sadness or happiness and have stayed with me long after I turned off my kindle. There are so many books that my fellow Gossip Girls read that I am dying to read as well, but honestly we try to spread out all the amazing authors and their books between us so at least one of us can represent them. I mean at the end of the day we can only read so many books, so be sure and read each of their lists too. I am looking forward to what 2015 has in store for some of my favorite current authors and meeting some new ones too….

Happy New Year! Xoxo, Nina



If you are interested in more information on any of the books posted below, just click on the cover and you will find the Amazon US link!

I am going to start off my list with 3 authors that if you haven’t read, I encourage you to pick up something by them. They are making this list because quite simply their writing is simply magical to me.  Also, because I have read everything they have written and they continue to show me they can rock my socks with every new book they put out.

Pepper Winters

Monsters in the Dark Series

tears of tessQQTwisted Together



















Indebted Series

Indebted #1 - Pepper WintersFirst Debt Pepper Winters









Ruin & Rule (coming in 2015)

ruin & rule









Annabel Joseph

Cirque Master’s Series

Midnight Circusbound in blue covermasters flame









Club Mephisto

club mesphisto

molly's lipsBurn for you









Properly Spanked Series

Training of Lady TownsendToTameACountess










CD Reiss

Songs of Corruption

spin coverruin









Songs of Perdition










Songs of Submission

I read SOS in 2013  and you don’t have to have read SOS to read the other series, but I will tell you it will help out and it is a phenomenal series…a true must read!

Beg, Tease, Submit book 1-3 Amazon US:

Control, Burn, Resist books 4-6 Amazon US:

Sing book 7 Amazon US:



My next group is series I have read….there were some amazing ones this year but the ones below were my most favorite….I think all the ones listed are completed series, but you never know what an author has in store and we might get a bit more in the future.

Ella James Red & Wolfe Series

Red & wolfe box set









The Record Series by K. A. Linde

off the recordon the recordfor the record









The Kerr Chronicle by Jen Frederick

losing controltaking control









The Perfect Series by Alison G. Bailey

present perfectpast imperfect coverpresently perfect









Blood & Roses Series by Callie Hart

deviant callie hartfracture callie hartBodybuilderfallen callie harttwisted callie hartcollateral

















The Innocence Series by Alessandra Torre

blindfolded innocencemasked innocenceend of the innocence









The Kane Trilogy by Stylo Fantome










Reasonable Doubt Box Set Series by Whitney G. Williams

reasonable doubt box set









The Game Maker (The Professional) by Kresley Cole

game maker The Professional Kresley Cole









The Seduction Series by Roxy Sloane

the seduction

The seduction 2 cover

the seduction 3 coverthe seduction 4
















Favorites that are standalone or that I have not finished the series


Rawthe barter system shayne mcclendonheroWeakness.RachelBrownell


VIPThe MAdam coverblack liesStepbrother Dearest - Penelope Warddragons lair cover grsweet filthy boybangdrivenfueledtwist mekeep meThe Saintthe kingDark Skyemad love



Tiedafter coverafter we collidedcarnageBad Romeo
Nine Minutes
any way we wantloving mr danielsthe pactrush too far

Dirty angels

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