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There were some absolute phenomenal books released in 2014.. ones that I will read time and time again and have been added to my all time favourites. I also finally read some books that were sitting on my kindle for ages (who’s with me with the ever growing buying of books that you can’t keep up with?!). I found some new amazing authors, ‘encouraged’ friends to read some of my favourites (ok, I made them read them, but they thanked me later, I swear!) and even became the inspiration for a character.. yep, it was a pretty good year!

Here are my ‘Best ofs’ for 2014 in no particular order (don’t forget to click on the book covers for links to buy!):

Penelope Ward – without a doubt one of my most favourite authors ever! She is not only one of the most genuinely amazing people on this planet, but one of the best writers with a genuine talent. I had read two of her books in 2013 (Gemini and Jake Undone *swoon*) and devoured My Skylar and Stepbrother Dearest in 2014. They are so well written and the stories are not your typical HEA. Penelope will always be one of my ‘go to’ authors whenever her books come out – you must buy all her all books now!

Stepbrother Dearest - Penelope Ward MySkylarPenelopeWard


Pepper Winters – I have so much love for this woman, you have no idea. Not only is she amazing as a person but her books are so deliciously dark and twisted. Once you’re a Pepper Winters fan, you’re a fan for life. Every story is so unique and you are constantly on the edge of your seat.. she writes those books that you can’t put down.. they must be read in one hit! So super talented and a big favourite of a lot of the Gossip Girls’ for a reason – you won’t be sorry!

Indebted #1 - Pepper Winters First Debt Pepper Winters Destroyed Twisted Together

Charles Sheehan-Miles – These were one of the ones that I had on my kindle for a long time and finally read and, WOW, mind blown! Amazing amazing amazing… you MUST read anything by Charles .. I have every other book and will be on my list for 2015! Special mention to Andrea Randall who co-wrote Nocturne. These books were like reading a symphony – so beautiful!

TheLastHourCSM NocturneARCSM

Kim Holden – Because well.. it’s Bright Side. One of the most amazing books ever. Incredibly beautiful, will make you ugly cry and will take up a piece of your heart forever.

bright side


Amy Harmon – Making Faces. Wow. Just wow. I listened to this in audiobook and at one point, whilst listening in my car, had to pull over because I couldn’t see through the tears. I have no doubt you will have heard how amazing this book is by others.. you must get it if you haven’t already read it because it’s not hype.. it’s fact!


Lauren Stewart – a fellow blogger introduced me to this brilliant author. Darker Water was amazingly written and edited (particularly important for a grammar nazi like me!). It was witty and the story was so good. She has been put on my ‘must read’ authors.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00037]

CD Reiss – CD is in a total crazy class of her own. Woman has mad skills! Two of my absolute favourite books this year were the first two books in Songs of Perdition series .. I highly recommend them, they are so well written and the story is so unique. You are hooked from the word go!

kick use


Eva LeNoir – Eva is the best kept secret in the author world. She doesn’t realise how good she is, and when other people clue in to her talents, I’m going to be there to say ‘I told you so’!!! Disheveled has been released as part of the Intrigue Anthology but will be released on it’s own soon.. #UCC is going to take over the world, people, watch out!



Here’s to a book coma in 2015 of amazing, witty, smart and well written brilliant books .. the best is yet to come!




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