FCP Friday: Through The Weeds by Shannon Flagg reviewed by Irene

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Today on FCP Friday: we are in Detroit with the Nightshade MC.

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Through the Weeds is the second book in Shannon Flagg‘s Night Shade MC Series.

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Caroline Anders spent her entire life playing it safe. After losing everything she’d thought she wanted, she decided to take a chance. She settled into a new life in Detroit, content to not have to rely on anyone for anything. When she needs help, the first person she thinks to call is Buster, a frequent customer at the bakery where she worked and president of Nightshade MC.

Buster always thought that he’d lead Nightshade one day, but when that day came sooner than anyone could have imagined, he finds that the title carries a heavier weight than he could have ever foreseen. Old enemies are now new friends as a new drug hits the streets, leaving death and destruction in its wake, and Nightshade faces a threat it hadn’t seen coming.

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Some things are 100% guaranteed when it comes to FCP Authors … one of those things is when you pick up a book by anyone from that super cool, talented bunch, you will NOT be disappointed. Such as the case with my latest read, ‘Through the Weeds‘ by FCP’s own Shannon Flagg. When I first met Buster in ‘Make it Right’, I wanted to read his book as soon as I was finished with Amelia & Danny’s! As I said earlier, Shannon sure managed to deliver! Buster is the new president of the Nightshade MC, forced into this role by the events that happen in ‘Make it Right‘. The club is in a bit of chaos and Buster isn’t exactly sure he’ll be able to handle his new role but, with the support from his brothers, he manages to do just fine. Love Buster and Caroline as a couple. I loved the way they met, the slow burn of their relationship, the fact they are both ‘been there, done that’ kind of people and know exactly what they want. But what I love, love, LOVE the most when reading about MC culture (and I am sure by now I sound like a broken record) is the family/loyalty/brotherhood theme. I can’t get enough of it! These ladies of Freak Circle Press know how to tell one hell of a tale so, for me, it’s more about the journey than the destination. Don’t get me wrong, I love to fist pump when characters finally get their HEA but joining them on the emotional FCP rollercoaster is where it’s at! I can NOT wait to read Train’s story now so if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be on my couch with my Kindle!

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