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Title: The Brightest Star
Author: B. Cranford
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 13, 2017



The last thing Brighton Starling needed on one of the most humiliating days of her life was to run into her ex…Naturally, she did. And two years after he walked away, leaving her hurt and broke, he somehow managed to look better than ever. Of course.

She didn’t want to see him, let alone speak to him, but apparently, he wasn’t going to give her a choice.

All Sebastian Figures wanted was to talk to the one that got away…

No, scratch that. The one he drove away with poor decisions and lies, big and small.

She might have been having a bad day, but she was still the bright, beautiful girl he’d been missing for far too long. His brightest star. Still the only girl he’d ever want. If only he could convince her of that.

Is it too late to say sorry?

Sebastian wants a chance to win back Brighton’s trust—and her future.

Brighton wants to be able to move on from the past, once and for all.But neither of them want to say one final goodbye…


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 Laurie’s Review

From its very first sentence, The Brightest Star had my stole my heart. This book kept me turning the pages not just because I wanted, no NEEDED to know not only what shattered this couple, but what it might take to put them back together again. B. Cranford does it all in brilliant style, crafting a story that is equal parts swoony and heart-wrenching. The Brightest Star is Ms. Cranford’s first published work and I just have to say – GIVE. ME. MORE.

This book is a second chance romance (aka – my catnip) and we meet Brighton Starling and Sebastian Figures as they are seeing each other for the first since it all fell apart two years ago. In in those moments, it was impossible for me not to feel every bit of the emotion percolating right there at the surface – it was funny, awkward and just so heartbreaking. From there it was impossible not become emotionally invested in Bright and Seb because even then after this time, these two have a connection that is pure magic.

To know Brighton is to absolutely adore her and I did. Life had knocked her around a bit, but through that, she maintained her absolute brilliance. Being in her head, you understand why Seb needed her in his universe – because she did make his world shine magnificently.

Seb is the lynchpin to this story and seeing him through Bright’s lens, he evoked some pretty strong emotions. As the story unfolded and understanding the true depth of his feelings for Bright let me see the goodness of this man’s heart.

Ultimately, this is story is about forgiveness, the courage it takes to ask for it and strength it takes to give it. This is a complex element that can be explained in the simplest of terms – LOVE. It is the glue that binds hearts together or the mortar that disintegrates with seismic events and B. Cranford did an exceptional job of showing her work, guiding her readers as these two people struggled to find a way to be together or continue to live apart. The result – you need to read the book and find out!!

I loved The Brightest Star and cannot wait to see what comes next from B. Cranford…It is a bright future indeed…(see what I did there?) Enjoy!!

Happy reading!!

Laurie’s Rating: 5++++++ STARS!!

Author Bio
B. Cranford is a proud Australian living in the USA, a lover of books, breadsticks and bed, and the mother of two children who are far too similar to their father for her liking. A lifelong reader, she dove into the romance genre on the recommendation of her best friend and hasn’t looked back since. After three years as a blogger, she decided it was high time she finally finished one of the 12,002 books she’d started writing, and the end result was The Brightest Star.
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