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Aussie Lisa

Aussie Lisa's Bio

Hi , I’m Aussie Lisa! Yep, I come from a land Down Under.. where beer DOES flow and men DO chunder (in case you were wondering)! My first love of books began when I was 16 and read Flowers in the Attic by V.C. Andrews. Unfortunately life got in the way and I didn’t read much in between high school and my mid -twenties before picking up the Richard Branson autobiography, which reignited the reading flame. I typically only read autobiographies until I watched and became obsessed with True Blood, which prompted me to pick up the Charlaine Harris Sookie Stackhouse series. I obviously devoured the whole series and everything else she wrote. I then bought my first kindle and the rest is history! Doing graphics is a huge creative outlet for me as I can’t sing to save my life, can’t paint, can’t knit or any other creative thing most people can do (I can’t really dance either but after a few drinks, I’m freaking Michael Jackson on that dance floor!). A bit about me, I am a finance nerd who loves all things health and fitness. I love hanging out with friends and family but most of all I love being by myself reading a good book. I love love LOVE tv shows and my all time favourite will always be Friends. I can quote the whole tv show and could probably tell you what episode things happened in. My current favourites are True Blood (hello Eric Northman!), Chicago Fire (hello Kelly Severide!), Suits (hello Harvey Spector!) and Sons of Anarchy (hello Jax Teller!) .. hmm I think I am attracted to dominant males, who woulda thunk it! I have been extremely fortunate in my life with so many things and I thank my lucky stars for meeting the ladies at The Literary Gossip every day.. thanks to you for following and reading and being plain ol’ awesome!


BSG Lisa

BSG Lisa's Bio

Hi I’m Lisa (aka BSG) ~ I’m more of your behind the scenes girl and totally addicted to Twitter. I’m a happily married Navy wife (retired) and mother to 2 great kids. I’m one of those typical “it all started with Fifty Shades of Grey (FSOG)” stories that began in Aug 2012. Once I got my Kindle and realized I loved the genre then I couldn’t read new books fast enough! My reading preferences don’t go with everyone and I won’t read something just because others do (I am a total book slut for a hot cover) –I also don’t read reviews before I read a book so I form my own opinion. While I may not have the experience as the others for me it’s about reading for the enjoyment of it all to create the pictures in my mind – contemporary/erotica/alpha/CEO/billionaires/BDSM will always grab me no matter how many times I read them, and although you won’t find me reading paranormal, mystery or many sweet and flowery romances very often, I am a sucker for happily ever after (HEA). I’m so honored to be a part of this awesome group of ladies! Hope you give me a follow on @BookSlutGoddess



Emily's Bio

Hello, I’m Emily. I’m not new to the world of reading or blogging. If I could just do that, I would be a happy girl. I’m addicted to tattooed bad boys, music and coffee. Lucky for me I get all three on a daily basis. . I’m die hard Walking Dead Fan, it’s about the only show I watch. I live and breathe Denver Broncos #UnitedinOrange, about the only hashtag I know. I fell in love with reading at an early age but lost touch when I was in high school. When I was on my maternity leave with my daughter, I found Sherrilyn Kenyon. Shortly after that I found my fellow blogger and friend Nina, the rest is history. I have an addiction to books that take me on a ride. I don’t like predicable. I love a man with a filthy mouth and a dominate personality. I have had the pleasure of meeting so many brilliant authors and am happy to see where this road takes me. I love these ladies on the Literary Gossip and can’t wait to get this party started!



Georgana's Bio

I grew up with a love hate relationship with books. I remember very early on getting hooked on books such as the Encyclopedia Brown series and then moving on to Judy Blume. Then in my teenage years, I decided to blow off reading to focus on my new love….MTV. As I got older, I regained my love of reading and became an addict to books again. Still to this day my favorite book I ever read was To Kill a Mockingbird. As a grown woman my tendencies led me to the Romance Genre and I truly need an HEA to enjoy the book. I don’t care how it gets me there whether it is through joy, sadness, angst, or even tragedy, it just needs to get me to the Happily Ever After. Since the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon, I have not only found a love for the Indie Author but met lots of amazing people through Goodreads and blogging. We are going to have sooo much Gossiping about our favorite books and finding new books and new authors along the way. This journey with The Literary Gossip is going to be amazing!



Irene's Bio

After having been a member of an online reading community for several years and having given pretty much every genre a chance, I came to the conclusion that my absolute favorite genre to read is erotica – BDSM, dark, etc. I have very liberal views when it comes to sex so what many will consider taboo, I will most likely want to try at least once in my life. I also have a weakness for a genre I invented myself – I call it Kristen Ashley. I love a strong male lead. I think like a man so I almost never take heroine’s side. What turns me on about a book the most is it’s originality. My top 3 erotica writers (in no particular order) are: CD Reiss, Joey W. Hill and Tiffany Reisz. English isn’t my first language and, at times, I find it hard to express what I am feeling about the book so I tend to do it through my book trailers. If you want to talk sex and all things alpha male, I am your gal!xxx


Laurie's Bio

I have been a reader since I can remember – save for that 20 year “hiatus”, where I read some, but not nearly as voraciously. My favorite parts of school were always 1) Silent Reading, 2) Library, and 3) When the Scholastic book order came home. Reading takes me on a journey and when I can or have visited the location from a book it truly brings it alive for me as a reader. I am a sucker for a long, lost loves, the occasional secret baby (What? It goes hand in hand with the long, lost love!!), redemption stories, truly funny romantic comedies and if I am being totally honest – I. LOVE. A. M. Book/Novella/Whatever. Though I cut my teeth on historicals – I haven’t picked up one of late. I don’t like to be a spoiler wench. In my real life, I’ve been married to the man who I fell in love with at first sight almost 30 years ago. Together we have a daughter who has my reading gene and is an amazing woman in her own right. We are pretty damn proud of her. We also have 3 cats that are interesting studies in the feline personality. Only one of them loves to curl up to the warmth of the iPad while I read – it’s only when he starts sweeping his tail across the screen that we have a problem. I cook – as if I were feeding an army – A seven nation army. I do also bake – I love coming up with recipes for cupcakes and extreme brownies (ask me about my brownies with peanut butter frosting and chocolate covered pretzels). I love hockey and believe one day my team will hoist a certain cup very high in the air. Movies are a thing for me – especially classics – Hitchcock was a true genius (a twisted one), but a genius just the same. Though I love standards of his filmography, I adore Shadow of Doubt. I don’t watch much television any more – I gave it up a couple of years ago for the gym and books.



Nina's Bio

I am the erotic reviewer of The Literary Gossip. My reading proclivities lean straight towards the erotic, taboo, BDSM, dark and anything that pushes the envelope of this genre. I have been so lucky to find some amazing reads within this genre and have met some amazing erotic authors that I now call my friends. Nothing makes me happier than sharing my love of these books with our followers and my friends and in return getting great recommendations. I have several “groups” on twitter dedicated to certain Alpha bad boys that I love chatting with. Although I do read some NA and Paranormal every once in a while, I seem to never get enough of the naughty side. I look forward to meeting new followers on here and Gossiping about all things Erotic!!!